Management Team

NOVACON’s team comprises of top accounting, tax, corporate finance, and labour and social security law professionals. NOVACON’s experts possess with a vast working experience in solving complicated cases in the fields of tax planning, double taxation and legitimate tax optimization for Bulgarian and international companies.

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Georgi Marinov, Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner, Georgi Marinov is in charge of NOVACON’s business development and clients’ project management. Mr. Marinov has been responsible for the tax and accounting consulting of clients such as Gazit Globe, SKE Group, Colliers, S&T Bulgaria and many other international and Bulgarian companies.

As an accounting and financial consultant, Georgi Marinov has contributed for the successful development of many leading international and Bulgarian firms in a wide range of industries. Before heading NOVACON, Georgi Marinov was an active participant in the Bulgarian capital market as an investment consultant at BULFIN INVEST, where he rised to the CEO position. Besides the position of Managing Partner at NOVACON, Georgi Marinov is the CEO of TEAMLOOK, a fast developing business information management software company.

Georgi Marinov has a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia and is a certified stock exchange broker and investment consultant.

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Konstantin Stoyanov, Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner, Konstantin Stoyanov is in charge of the business processes in the Company, the quality assurance system, tax consulting and application of the labour and social security law for NOVACON’s clients.

Konstantin Stoyanov rised from accountant and tax consultant to Managing Partner at NOVACON. Konstantin Stoyanov created and maintains the business process management system (BPM) of the company, which is ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001-2015, since 2016) certified by the British company Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance. Konstantin Stoyanov is the co-founder and managing partner of the software company TEAMLOOK, where his expertise in the field of finance, programming, business processes and technology helps to create an innovative and flexible software platform for business processes management.  

Konstantin Stoyanov holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.

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